The Original Mavericks

The Category Leaders in the Naturally Raised & Organic Meats
Moore Family

About Maverick Ranch & The Moore Family

The Category Leader in Naturally Raised & Organic Meats

When Maverick Ranch was started 25 years ago, we helped to create a new category of meat products. We took our 125 year ranch family heritage of raising livestock the pure and old-fashioned way, pointed out its traits to the consumer, and became one of the first companies to process and market Natural* and Organic beef. We are confident that our system helped thousands of ranching families benefit from less exposure to chemicals and helped to disperse the minimal profits in raising livestock more evenly from ranch gate to dinner plate. Today, Maverick Ranch is a marketing and processing brand that not only markets the cattle from our family ranch in Idaho, but from hundreds of other like-minded family farms and ranches, too. You will always find Maverick Ranch Natural* and Organic meats to be top quality, safe and nutritious. By offering Maverick Ranch products to your shoppers, you’re supporting family farms, sustainable ranching, and can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the market leader in healthy natural* & organic meats.

From our family to yours,
The Moore Family

  • Maverick Ranch brand founded in 1985 by Roy Moore and Family.
  • Early Pioneers in developing the Natural* Beef Movement in the 1980’s.
  • Cattle ranchers themselves since 1881, covering 5 generations
  • Developers of the Salers and Wagyu (Kobe Beef ) Cattle Breeds in North America
  • Several products meet “Heart Healthy” requirements
  • Bulk and case-ready meats processed in USDA plant
  • Only “Lite” brand of beef in U.S. for health conscious customers
  • Both “Lite” and USDA Choice Grade Beef 100% Naturally Raised without antibiotics or growth hormones ever administered. No animal byproducts fed.
  • Only U.S. meat brand to offer a complete one-stop shop for Naturally Raised and Organic meats. One easy call, one purchase order, one on-time delivery
  • Naturally raised meats including: Lite Beef, Choice Beef, Pork and Buffalo.
  • Certified Organic Meats including: Grass-Fed Beef and Grain-Fed Beef.
  • Nitrite-free and uncured products including Bacon, Hot Dogs/Franks & Ham.