Frozen Beef & Buffalo Burgers

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Frozen Beef and Buffalo Burgers

Naturally Or Organically Raised Beef & Buffalo Burgers

Because grilling is a year-round event in America

Now your customers can enjoy the convenience of frozen, ready-to-grill Maverick Ranch burgers! Choose from Organic Grass-Fed Beef Burgers, Natural* Beef Burgers, or Natural* Buffalo Burgers. All choices are guaranteed to deliver a high quality and memorable eating experience. It starts with the proven quality of the raw materials. Maverick Ranch sources their meats from reputable family farmers and ranchers who raise their animals with time, tradition and respect. Our Natural* Beef and Natural* Buffalo are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones** and graze a diet free from any animal byproducts. Our Organic Beef is raised the same, however in addition, there are no pesticides administered, no GMO’s in the feed and they are third party certified to ensure conformance with USDA’s National Organic Program. We don’t add anything to these delicious burgers so your customers can enjoy the true taste, quality and flavor!

  • High Quality Convenience Item
  • Made from the highest quality, natural* & organic meat
  • No Fillers or Byproducts - just 100% Beef or 100% Buffalo
  • 100% Gluten-Free and 100% Allergen-Free
  • Natural* - No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients
  • Beef is Product of USA

Natural* & Organic Frozen Burger Products

Item # Item burgers/pack lbs
14006 Organic Grass-Fed Frozen Beef Burgers- 91% Lean 8- 1/4 LB 2
12006 Natural* Frozen Beef Burgers- 85% Lean 8- 1/4 LB 2
13016 Natural* Frozen Buffalo Burgers- 90% Lean 8- 1/4 LB 2