Natural* Buffalo

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Natural Buffalo

Naturally Raised Buffalo

Now a favorite of health conscious consumers

Buffalo is the original natural* meat: These animals utilize natural resources in the wild and are beneficial to the environment. Federal law prohibits the use of growth promotants and added hormones**. Due to their hardy nature, these animals are extremely resilient and resistant to sickness or disease. Therefore, antibiotics rarely have to be administered. If an animal happens to get sick, they are treated and removed from our program. Our natural* buffalo boasts a great steak flavor, thanks to the all-natural*, 100% vegetarian diet on which the animals are raised. For most of their lives our buffalo enjoy wild-growing range grasses. They are then switched to a healthy diet of natural* grains and legumes for 3 to 4 months prior to harvest. At no time are they ever fed animal proteins or byproducts of any kind. This care in feeding provides a superior taste which isn’t at all “gamy” or “wild.” The distinctive (but mild) flavor will be popular with your health conscious customers! Buffalo does not fall under the USDA C.O.O.L. compliance regulations and is therefore not labeled by Country of Origin.

  • Made from the Highest Quality, Naturally Raised Buffalo
  • No Antibiotics or added Growth Hormones**
  • Never Fed Animal Byproducts
  • Available in boxed-buffalo or case-ready packaging that allows for 28 days extended shelf life
  • 2 Items qualify as “Heart Healthy” under USDA Guidelines
  • Grain-finished for superior marbling, taste, and tenderness
  • Processed in our own USDA facility

Natural* Light Beef Products

HH Item # Item Pc. Weight Pc. Ct.
13002 90% Lean Ground Buffalo- Case Ready 12 OZ Brick 6
13003 90% Lean Ground Buffalo- Case Ready 1 LB Brick 6-12
13010 Uncured Buffalo Franks 1 LB 6
13040 Cube Steak- Case Ready 10 OZ. NET 6
13020 Sirloin Steak- Case Ready 10 OZ. NET 6
  13030 Ribeye Steak- Case Ready 10 OZ. NET 6
13025 New York Striploin Steak- Case Ready 10 OZ. NET 6
13035 Filet Mignon-Case Ready 6 OZ 6
  13009 Steak Combo Pack (2 Ribeyes, 2 Strips, 4 Sirloin, 4 Cube) 7 LBS 12
  13700 90% Lean Chub - 1/8th Fine Grind 5 LBS 2
13801 Ribeye Boneless (1 Ribeye cut in half ) 5 - 6 LBS 2
13821 Striploin (1x0) (1 Striploin cut in half ) 4 - 5 LBS 2
  13841 Whole Tenderloin Peeled 5 - 6 LBS 2
  13861 Top Sirloin Butt 8 - 9 LBS 1
Heart Healthy Product