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Natural Choice Beef

NaturalLy Raised Choice Beef

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Since 1881, the Moore family has been a pioneer in the cattle industry. Roy Moore has won numerous national awards for cattle breeding and genetics, land stewardship, and entrepreneurism. The Moore’s have won grand or reserve champion at the National Western Stock Show’s ‘Carcass Contest’, known as the Super Bowl of the cattle industry, 13 out of 20 tries. Roy and his son Rex Moore even helped get the highly marbled Wagyu cattle breed, where Japan’s famous ‘Kobe Beef’ comes from, established in America.

For nearly 25 years, discriminating chefs and restaurant patrons who have prepared and dined on Maverick Ranch Natural* Choice Beef rave at the tenderness and flavor. Our network of American farm families and ranches select only the best breeds like Angus and Angus cross cattle. They are humanely raised at nature’s pace to our exacting protocols, and processed in our own state-of-the-art USDA processing facility in Denver, Colorado. Our line-up of premium Choice beef is available in either boxed beef form with exceptional trim standards, or case-ready for labor saving store merchandising. Our producer’s cattle are derived from American raised cattle with superior genetic lines. They are exceptionally finished on a high-quality corn, wheat and barley ration, in a clean and spacious reduced-stress environment, without antibiotics or added growth hormones ever administered. This strict regimen produces fresh, premium quality beef with colorful eye appeal, and the tastiest, most consistently tender well-marbled beef you’ve ever eaten. We guarantee it.

  • Made from the highest quality naturally raised beef cattle
  • No antibiotics or added growth hormones administered, ever
  • Never Fed Animal Byproducts
  • Signed Producer Affidavits on all Cattle
  • Midwestern Corn/Grain Fed Cattle (minimum 120 days on feed)
  • “A” Maturity, Graded Cattle. Typically 15-18 months old.
  • Processed in our own USDA facility
  • Product of the USA - 100% C.O.O.L. compliant

Natural* Choice Beef Products

IMPS # Item # Item Pc. Ct. IMPS # Item # Item Pc. Ct.
109E 4446 Export Rib (Bone In) 2 171C 3326 Eye of Round (one per pkg) 3
112A 4126 2” Lip-On Rib (Cut in Half ) 4 171B 1723 Flats, Round 3
174 3376 Short Loin (0 x 1) 2 116A 6026 1x1 Chuck Roll (N/O) 3
180A 3266 Strip Loin (0 x 1) (Cut in Half ) 6 120A 7086 Brisket Flat (one per pkg) 4
189A 9296 Whole Tenderloin Peeled 4 NA 30021 Flank Steak 8
184 3286 Top Sirloin Butt 4 NA 5226 Outside Skirts 10
191 2396 Butt Tenderloin (Peeled) 6 NA 5126 Inside Skirts 12
186 1046 Inside Round 3 NA 11001 Uncured Beef Franks 6
167A 1106 Peeled Knuckles 4
  Case Ready Natural* Choice Beef available on a commitment basis.