Natural* Lite Beef

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Natural Lite Beef

Naturally Raised Lite Beef

For discerning health conscious beef lovers

For 25 years, the Natural* Lite brand of steaks has been exceptionally paired with Maverick Ranch’s Lean and Extra Lean ground beef. This classic beef brand has stood the test of time with a unique line-up of benefits not found in other lines of beef. Our Natural* Lite steaks and ground beef contain at least 50% less fat, 33% fewer calories and 25% less cholesterol than USDA Choice Beef. And that’s just the minimum! In one steak cut alone, you’ll find as much as an 87% reduction in fat and 50% reduction in calories than USDA Choice Beef! This is all done without sacrificing flavor and tenderness because of the cattle we use in our program. These cattle average 15-18 months of age, are from breed types with proven meat palatability qualities such as Angus, Limousin, Charolais and Salers, and are fed a quality diet of grass and grain-finishing.

  • Made from the highest quality naturally raised beef cattle
  • No antibiotics or added growth hormones
  • Never Fed Animal Byproducts
  • Signed Producer Affidavits on all Cattle
  • “A” Maturity, Graded Cattle. Typically 15-18 months old.
  • Processed in our own USDA facility
  • Highest quality Extra Lean (96% lean) grind program from hand-trimmed whole muscle subprimals
  • Available in boxed beef or case-ready packaged in state-of-the-art Darfresh packaging that allows for 28 day extended shelf life
  • Some items qualify as “Heart Healthy” under USDA Guidelines
  • Product of the USA - 100% C.O.O.L. compliant

Natural* Light Beef Products

HH Item # Item Pc. Ct. HH Item # Item Pc. Ct.
6662 Chuck Roll (Neck Off) 3 1292 Peeled Knuckles 2
4622 Export Rib (Bone In) 1 1202 Eye of Round (one per pkg) 4
4532 Lip-On Rib Eye (Cut in Half) 6 1212 Flats, Round 4
3382 Shortloin (0x1) (Shortcut) 2 7112 Boneless Brisket (one per pkg) 4
3272 Striploin (0x1) (Cut in Half) 4 30010 Flank Steak 8
2992 Whole Tenderloin Peeled 4 5025 Outside Skirts 10
3292 Top Sirloin Butt 4 5122 Inside Skirts 12
2412 Butt Tenderloin (Peeled) 6 11001 Uncured Beef Franks 6
1262 Inside Round Denuded 2
Heart Healthy Product