Natural* Pork

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Natural Pork

Naturally Raised Pork

Just like you remember with that old-fashioned pork flavor

Maverick Ranch’s Hog farm families realize the need to provide a product that is healthy as well as tasty and tender. By carefully selecting the breeding stock and feeding program, we have been able to produce nutritionally superior natural* pork that is also delicious, all while guaranteeing the prohibited use of antibiotics or growth hormones**. The Midwest family farms that raise our hogs do so in a sustainable manner without the use of gestation crates. Stress is minimized by not allowing electric hot shots or trucking longer than 5 hours. We invite you to try our Maverick Ranch Natural* Pork, which is juicy, tender and flavorful, without being injected with water and phosphates. Maverick Ranch does not permit “pumping” its natural* pork. You’ll find our pork has consistent color, shelf life, moisture, and tenderness with superior flavor and marbling.

  • Made from the Highest Quality, Naturally Raised Pork
  • Hogs raised in a strict animal welfare compassionate manner with no gestation crates, ever
  • Raised without Antibiotics or Added Growth Hormones**
  • Never Fed Animal Byproducts
  • Highest Quality Genetics including Duroc and/or Berkshire for Unmatched Marbling & pH
  • Product of the USA - 100% C.O.O.L. Compliant
  • 2 Items qualify as “Heart Healthy” under USDA Guidelines
  • Available in boxed pork or case-ready packaging that allows for 28 day extended shelf life

Natural* Pork Products

HH Item # Item Pc. Count
13122 Back Ribs 1.5 (Prev Frozen) 6
13102 Spare Ribs 3 lbs. 4
10122 Bone-in Pork Loin Center Cut (10 Rib) 2
  10162 Bnls. Center Loin 9 Rib Strap-off 1/8” Trim 7.5 lbs. (Cut in Half ) 4
2710 Boneless Pork Chops -Case Ready - 2/tray 6
10222 Pork Tenderloin 8
10182 Pork Sirloin Ends Bnls. (2 pcs. Per bag) 4
  11132 Butts Boneless 5 lbs. 2
11122 Butts Bone-in 7.5 lbs 4
  10124 Picnics 2
  10125 Bone in ham 2
Heart Healthy Product