Uncured Natural* Bacon

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Uncured Natural Bacon

Uncured Natural* Bacon

Incredible flavor, bet you can’t just eat one piece

Maverick Ranch Uncured Bacon has become a staple on America’s breakfast tables. We start with fresh natural* pork that’s been raised without antibiotics or growth hormones** & add the perfect blend of ingredients that together, makes our bacon truly memorable. Made from center-cut natural* pork bellies, our bacon is consistently thick cut, flavorful and delicious. Additionally, Maverick Ranch bacon utilizes the old-fashioned approach to quality utilizing vaccum tumblers, not needle injection, which implants more consistent flavor and color throughout our uncured bacon. If our applewood smoked uncured bacon isn’t one of the best bacon’s you’ve ever tasted, we’d be mighty surprised!

  • Uncured - No added Nitrites or Nitrates***
  • No Sodium Lactate, Phosphates, MSG, Fillers or Byproducts
  • 100% Gluten-Free and 100% Allergen-Free
  • Made from the Highest Quality, Naturally Raised Pork
  • Hogs raised in a strict animal welfare compassionate manner with no gestation crates, ever
  • No Antibiotics or Added Growth Hormones** Administered, Ever
  • Never Fed Animal Byproducts
  • Highest Quality Genetics including Duroc and/or Berkshire for Unmatched Marbling & pH
  • Bacon Shelf life: 90 days from pack date and we guarantee at least 65 days 1st receiver
  • Produced in a SQF Level 3 facility

Uncured Natural Bacon

Item # Item lbs/cs pkg/cs oz/pkg case dimensions ti x hi cube
45540 Uncured Applewood Smoked 9 12 12 11” x 11.5” x 6.25” 9 x 12 0.36