Uncured Natural* Franks

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Beef Franks

Uncured Natural* Franks

You won’t believe they’re “Natural*”!

Maverick Ranch Uncured Beef Franks and Buffalo Franks have become a staple on America’s grills. Made from quality, natural* beef and buffalo, our franks are consistently flavored and delicious. Uncured meats have come a long way, utilizing natural* curing ingredients to offer the same benefits as commodity franks. You can expect optimum shelf life, pack sizes and color retention helping ensure your uncured frank line performs nearly as well as your commodity frank line.

  • Available in 2 varieties: Beef and Buffalo
  • Made from the highest quality ingredients
  • Uncured - No Added Nitrites or Nitrates**
  • Natural* - No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients
  • No Fillers - No Byproducts - Fully Cooked
  • At Least 43% Less Sodium & 26% Fat as Compared to USDA Data for Franks
  • Carry two or more varieties
  • Produced in a SQF Level 3 facility
  • Shelf life: 120 days from pack date and we guarantee at least 90 days 1st receiver

Uncured Natural* Franks Products

Item # Item
11001 Uncured Beef Franks
13010 Uncured Buffalo and Beef Franks