How are your animals raised and harvested?

Are your animals free-range (live outside)?
Yes, all of our animals are free-range.

Are your animals harvested in a humane manner?
Yes, all of our animals are harvested in a humane manner. The life and well-being of our animals is very important to us.

Organic and Natural Questions

What makes your products Natural?
Our protocols ensure our Natural line of animals are only fed natural diets.

What makes your products Organic?
We are audited by the Colorado Department of Agriculture for Organic certification.

How do I know if your product is Natural or Organic?
We identify whether or not our products are Natural or Organic on the product labels.

Do your Organic products use GMOs?
No, our Organic line is non-GMO.


Are you USDA certified?
Yes, we operate out of a USDA-inspected plant.

What kind of certification do you employ?
Per Colorado law and procedures, we undergo regular third party audits for humane handling with a USDA inspector on-site at all times.

Are your products certified Halal?
No, they are not.

What are your animals fed?

What is grass-fed beef?
Grass-fed beef simply means the cattle only eat grass.

Are ALL of your cattle grass-fed?
Not all, but some. If our product is grass-fed, it will be identified as such on the product label.

What are your bison fed?
Our bison eat an all-natural roughage ration.

Are your animals exposed to grain?
Our Grass-Fed Organic Beef is the only protein guaranteed not to have been exposed to grain.

How are your animals finished?
If the label identifies the product as “100% Grass-Fed”, that means the animals are finished on grass. All other animals are finished on a natural roughage ration that contains hay, peas, barley and corn.

Are your animals fed corn?
Unless identified as Grass-fed on the label, some animal diets may contain corn.


Where can I buy your products?
Maverick Ranch is distributed by Frontière Natural Meats.

Miscellaneous Questions

How should I cook/prepare your products?
Cook thoroughly and reference the safe handling information on the back label.

Where is your meat processed and packaged?
Denver, Colorado.

Why are Grass-Fed Organic Beef steaks tough and chewy?
When animals maintain a grass-fed lifestyle and are not finished on grain, they’re naturally leaner, making the meat slightly tougher than the fattier alternative.